What’s Your Favorite Bella Canvas Style

Hi guys I’m Summer from BELLA+CANVAS and today I want to talk about athleisure apparel, what’s your favorite Bella Canvas style to workout in.  I recently made a trip to BoxUnion, they’re an awesome boxing studio right here in Santa Monica and they’re gonna show us everything that goes into making branded workout apparel.

My name is Chris McDonald, I’m the Director of Marketing at Box Union. Box Union is a 45 minute fitness boxing workout, were we combine mind, body, music, and boxing.  We wanted to create something that was welcoming and fun, so we invited everybody to join in.  We wanted everybody to feel welcome here. When we first started we actually had a variety of different merchandise, we started with some private label merchandise and then we also purchased outside brands.  As the Box Union movement started to spread, we found that more and more people wanted to wear Box Union.  We’re really proud to be a part of this community, so when we first started looking for brand and merch it was actually really difficult for us.  Because we do have a very fashion forward looking clothing line, we had a hard time looking for the quantities that we needed.  Even to find the bodies that we were looking for, because people want to look great, we wanted to provide them with something with our name on it where they could sweat in it, they could hang out in it, or they could go have lunch with their friends and feel equally beautiful.

The Game Changer

When we found Bella Canvas it was a total game changer for us.  The fast fashion line was exactly what we were looking for.  The colors were so chic, it had a ton of different bodies that we can choose from.  It had crops that we could provide, it had long things, and they were so easy to print on.  So the minute we started using Bella Canvas, we noticed that we pretty much use them bare on our branded merch.  It’s so important to us because we’re creating a movement, Box Union is a community where people don’t just come here to work out.  They come here to meet their friends, to feel good, and stress release on the bag.  It’s an escape from everyday life when people wear our merch out in the world and other people asked them about it.  We have had people from all over the world ask about purchasing our merch, like our cropped hoodies.  Since we design everything internally, it was really difficult for us to find a printer that could bring our vision to life.

Family Industries was a total God-sent for us, we love working with Nick who really helps us bring our vision to life.  I’m talking anything from providing feedback on the sizing, how big we want to print, what techniques are out there if we want to do something in foil, if we want to do something in gold, or even if you want to do a basic wash,   I’ve learned more about printing in the last year, than I ever knew in my entire life and it’s all from Nick taking the time to actually sit down with us not only to do the work, but educate us as well.  Our boxers definitely want to sweat, but they also want to look good while they do it.  For me, I look for comfortability in the clothes that I workout in, as well as I look for it to be trendy, but also breathable.  Because I sweat a lot, I think when we see people out on the street wearing Box Union, it’s like that like community feel, like we connect and lock eyes and we know we’re from the same home. I mean our tagline is “together we box over here” we build all of those relationships for me.  I grew up playing basketball, so you know when I see someone wearing like my team color, my team jerseys, it’s just like the coolest feeling ever.  It’s like we’re a part of a family and part of a team.  I typically wear my BELLA CANVAS before and after class, so for me I like the cropped hoodies.  Because when I walk in I look like I’m wearing a super cool outfit.  Alright now into our element, let’s take it to the bag, we hope you guys liked this post, if so let us know what you thought of it in the comments below and be sure to give it a big 5-Star rating.  We left all the relevant info in the description and we’ll see you next week…Be Different!!!!