We at Matador Athletes understand how difficult it is to run a successful fundraising campaign. While your sport costs your kids: blood, sweat, and the occasional tear–Your fundraiser shouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, fundraising is a necessary evil in today’s crazy times. For example, have you ever tried a car wash? Now, that’s a classic fundraising nightmare. You spend forty of your hard-earned dollars making car wash posters, just have a random thunderstorm wash away all your fundraising dreams.

So, what’s a great coach supposed to do? Dig into your own pocket for uniforms and travel expenses with your own hard-earned coaching dollars? It’s enough to, well pull out your hair. Fortunately, we at Matador Athletes have created a brand to revolutionize the fundraising industry. You see our team is made up of veteran fundraisers who, after trying everything to raise funds, have finally figured out what works. And so, you can do what you do best. As a coach– you can focus on coaching. So, how do we do it? Well, first of all we provide free of charge the coolest product from t-shirts to wristbands for the teams. not only do these shirt provide the much needed motivation, Matador Athletes has branded these products to turn your team members into running, talking, grunting, real-life walking billboards for your fundraiser.

And it’ll create so much positive buzz at the school the kids will be lined up to become a part of your team next year. Behind this financial revolution, Matador Athletes has a few product lines. We create athletic, team based t-shirt with some of the same epic sayings that you instill in your team. We sell coupon cards, which feature local offers, and we sell recycled golf balls. You see, we have a team of professional divers, who are contracted to dive into the depths of swampy golf course ponds to reclaim lost golf balls to help the environment provide amazing opportunity fundraising, because seriously, who doesn’t know golfer? So, how does all work? Well, each athlete gets one matador kit that contains a free t-shirt printed with the saying that you choose and in the color you choose. Each athlete gets a free wristband and 10 dozen golf balls. You see, all they have to sell is ten golf ball kits.

They don’t have to sell 30 they don’t have to sell 200. They have to sell 10. They sell one to their uncle Bob, two to their dad who is happy to buy something he can actually use, then an  athlete is down to selling just seven more kits. Yep, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. You order.
  2. We deliver.
  3. You sell.

And with orders of thirty or more, we will provide free shipping. So, with that first order the athletic director and coach get a free Nike dri-fit shirt with your team’s logo embroidered on chest. You see, we appreciate our coaches. Because after all, without a coach there’s no team. And one more thing. We offer a money-back guarantee! We will buy back every kit that your team has not been able to sell. Of course, we’ll charge restocking fee, but that’s understandable you get to keep all the free stuff. And so, you can finally be a team that fundraises and focuses on what’s important in the end–Your team and winning.

So, please visit us at Matadorathletes for more information And be ready to coach a legendary season..