Align:start if your church or organization is looking for a way to instantly raise money for a mission or event we can help hi my name is Courtney and I’d like to introduce you to our Christian t-shirt fundraising program unlike most fundraisers our program is designed to make you the most profit so if you can raise money for activities like mission trips retreats outreach programs Vacation Bible schools youth groups sporting events and more with our unique Christian t-shirt fundraiser program there is no upfront money required to get started you simply download our fundraiser hit below print out the catalogs for each participating member and start collecting orders a typical fundraiser will last two to three weeks during which time you and your partners will sell Christian t-shirts from the catalogs we provided you at the end of the fundraiser you will collect all of the money and the orders and then turn in one big order to us upon receiving your payment and order will immediately get a processed and shipped out to you once delivered you and your group will simply distribute the items to all of your supporters now when it comes to Christian fundraisers we are your complete solution for raising money price quality innovation and customer service are our strengths all of our t-shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton guaranteed not to shrink or fade our percent t-shirt fundraiser program will make you the most profit to find your next event download our fundraiser kit below and get started today you

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